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Friday, November 25, 2005

Sabotage from Dan to Brandon: Scott Stapp - The Great Divide

Scott Stapp: Big Stinky (Expletive Deleted) An Autobiography

Scott Stapp the former lead singer of perhaps the greatest band of all-time, Creed. I was heartbroken to hear the news that they broke up and I would no longer be able to enjoy all that was the band Creed. But now that Stapp has released this solo album it is all much clearer to me now, Scott Stapp was Creed. Ok I have to be real for a moment, that was sarcasm and unfortunately for yours truly I can't hold on to this farce any longer, as we all know this is Sabotage and Scott Stapp is a total ass drip. I am infinitely annoyed by this album. Scott Stapp is fucking crazy, isn't Creed a Christian Rock band? Or I guess that’s past tense so weren't they one? I don't know but I seem to recall that they had some shit to do with religion. I don't know what’s a bigger joke, Stapp or religion. Ok that’s pushing the envelope enough in that direction, this is about how much the music of Scott Stapp makes me want to reach into the chest of Dan and remove something vital. You know that its really bad music when my threats are angry and directed at injuring or extinguishing the life of Dan. The other side of things is that I would want to take my own life or do something uncool to my balls, regardless Dan I'm so mad about this album. The music is pretty horrible and is something that seems very touched up in the production booth, and Stapp's voice is pretty annoying, but I think that might even have more to do with the lyrics that this fuck sings. Ok enough, I'm just going to get it over with because he makes me want to seek out his mother and slap her for squeezing that fucker out.

Perhaps one of the more hilarious songs is "Hard Way" which is the third track on this shit stain. His lyrics sing about him finding out something the hard way, and how much it stung or hurt to find out this news that way. What a fucking loser, its so broad and general, get specific you fucking idiot. I mean anyone can write a song about an experience that they could have had, its writing about the real experience that separates you from total posers. However I'm sure most of you know that Scott Stapp thinks he's a badass rock musician or someone that you could compare to lets say Pearl Jam (Stapp wishes). The truth of the matter is that this song is so shitty that I'm vomiting as I type this, serious, I'm up to my ankles in stomach bile because of this garbage that is filling my ears.

I forgot that Stapp is a fucking ninja, the second track is called "Fight Song". I know another track with the same name by Marilyn Manson and without even blinking will tell you that the more bad ass rock song of the two is Manson’s. Now why is this? Well that’s because all Stapp does to make his song bad ass is talk in a low tone of voice and makes it sound like he has some phlegm mixed in there. Regardless of what’s going on he pretends to put a lot more effort into the songs then I think he actually is. I don't buy anything this guy is selling because of musical interludes where he starts singing with a singing guitar riff and some low key drums that make it all the more intense and drawn out like Stapp is important. Every song is modeled pretty much that same, its like he is overcoming some great obstacle in his life in every song, which is totally corny because of his shitty title for the album "The Great Divide". I wonder if Stapp knows about the emotions that he is pretending to understand in his songs, I mean its hard to tell because he's so untalented but somewhere in this horrible world people actually buy this music.

"Surround Me" is the name of the sixth song on this fucking thing. If the title is any indication this is another shithole of a track. It starts off about as slow as you can go with this long ballad in filled with total cornball guitar by this fucking loser and a bunch of vocals that represent his soul. If I could see this fuckers soul I'd remove it from him in hopes of sending him to the fiery depths, I figure since he's so in love with Jesus that it'd be a bitch to never get to meet him. He keeps his lyrics at broad and general statements, stuff about being on his knees and how he is begging and stuff, but its because he needs that person to surround him or something. Anyways its really fucking stupid and it annoys me to no end, its shit like this that makes me understand why suicide is so popular. This dude wants to be rescued but he's down on his knees, hell in this song this guy keeps referring to being on his knees quite often. I think he's getting at something but I can't quite understand what. I mean we could probe the lyrics and ANALyse them but I don't know that we'd get anywhere because this dude is pretty subtle with his songs.

What could be better than the title track, "The Great Divide"? Everything. How can anyone enjoy this crap? Scott Stapp is a total asshole and has about eighty songs that sound exactly like this, I think I've heard him reinvent this track for every album that the sonuva bitch has layed his hands on. This song reminds me of that shitty Creed song that they played at least two hundred thousand times for WWE promos for pay per views. Bands like Creed go hand and hand with wrestling for whatever reason, I think it’s because there is so much unnecessary drama that is wrapped into the both of them. However if I had my choice I would rather get fucked up by any wrestlers in that fucking league than have to be forced to listen to Scott Stapp while chained down and unable to move and end his fucking life. This song is so lame, Stapp keeps talking about some person that fulfills his life and sets him free so I have no clue which boy from Creed he is talking about but I hope that their lifestyle choice makes them happy. I also hope that they bath thoroughly.

"You Will Soar" is a hilarious name for a song because if I was to only hear this song name I would just match it to Creed off that shitty name alone. Stapp has such a distinct sound to him that whenever I hear his music on radio or TV I know right away to change the fucking channel or else my ears will bleed. This song has you can imagine has a lot to do with picking yourself up after you have hit rock bottom. The reasons for doing this in Stapps probably have a lot to do with having no more money and wanting to suck some more out of his idiot fans that would pay to listen to him go on about how much of a big dick he is. While I've been listening to this music my rage bar has been slowly filling and I'm about to get to rampage level and start terrorizing the apartment building. I can't take this shit anymore man so I'm ending it all here and calling it a day, this Scott Stapp bullshit was pretty fucking bad, I need to get some weed in me to forget I heard it.

Sabotage Success: 9.0 (I was pretty disgusted with this music which is why I didn't have much to say about it. This was fucking terrible, I'm going to call your kids names and give them a friggin complex when they are like five man, have fun with the therapy bills.)


At November 25, 2005 at 1:36 PM, Blogger Daysthatareover said...

I remember when you told me that sabotage was going to be my "favourite".

I thought it was going to be this album for sure. When you sent me Enya I was psyched I could still send you this.

I fucking hate Scott Stapp. Perhaps even more than Chad from Nickelback.

At November 25, 2005 at 2:59 PM, Anonymous terri said...

Bands like Creed go hand-in-hand with wrestling because they both appeal to the lowest common denominator. It's the same reason why you always hear crappy music on soap operas.

Just thinking about Scott Stapp makes me angry.

At November 25, 2005 at 3:14 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

Higher has to be one of the worst songs that ever was made.

So far i haven't heard anything off this i'd like to think that means it is failing miserably. Anyone care to back that up?

At November 25, 2005 at 8:03 PM, Anonymous the Destroyer said...

just thinking about this album makes my skin crawl
i thought about wiping my harddrive just incase i missed some of it
fucking stapp
i will cut you!

At November 25, 2005 at 10:13 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

I hope Scott Stapp burns.

Enough said.

At November 26, 2005 at 10:44 AM, Anonymous terri said...

Well, the single isn't in the Billboard Top 100 for this week, and the album isn't in the Billboard Top 200, so I'll take that as a sign that it's failing. Thankfully. Nickelback has made Stapp redundant.

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At July 25, 2012 at 11:37 AM, Anonymous Susan Staats said...

Scott Stapp is a Brilliant lyricist.You assholes should be so talented!! Go Fuck yourselves with your newest American Idol! Talk about gagging!!! This pop shit makes me sick!
STAPP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!


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